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“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable,
but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.”
George Bernard Shaw

Things of interest to people:

I'm one of those sad people that drags a camera along most everywhere they go. These are some of the photos that come out of that.
Burning Man
I have been going to Burning Man since 1996. This is a selection of photos I’ve shot there.
Lawn Games
Neff and I (along with many friends) are part of a Theme Camp at Burning Man. This is the really minimal web page for the camp.
Steven Levin
Steven Levin’s home page.
The Pogues:
In the Wake of the Medusa
The oldest surviving web page dedicated to the now defunct band The Pogues. Live since June 5, 1995.
Woody World
Dedicated to my dog, Woody. It’s my server and I’ll put anything I want on it.
General Pontification
A place for random stories.

Things of interest to nobody:

Statistics for this server since September 13, 1999.
Software that I use daily (stuff I’ve hacked together, and other stuff).

My office - SCA 16,
The Sun Agnews Campus

Updated roughly every 60 seconds. When the camera works. Which it doesn't right now.

Meat for the Machine
On February 14, 2003 the Machine spits me out.
The machine demands new meat.
Howdy! I’m DzM.

During the day I used to work for what was once known as Netscape Communications. Then Netscape went and got acquired by AOL. It sucked really hard. Now I don't work for AOL.

On February 24, 2003 I began working for Sun Microsystems. My job will one day be described here.

10-01-02 - Buster starts being a bad-ass bar-pimpin' WebCam operator. Welcome Buster!

08-01-02 - Levin Engineering makes a break for the Internet. Welcome Steven!

06-01-02 - Technical Wizardry joins my happy little server community. Welcome Jon!

06-01-01 - The Parting Glass has moved from Earthlink to this server. Welcome Fran!

02-10-01 - Obscure Research Labs (ORL) has resurrected its online presence. Yay!

Disclaimer: Everything that lives on this server is my personal responsibility. My employer, Sun Microsystems, probably doesn’t know or care about it. If Sun Microsystems does know about this page it will likely deny agreeing or disagreeing with any of my opinions.